• The Marcy Lab School provides its students with direct access to employment opportunities in some of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy without the debt burden of a four-year degree.
  • Arbor Brothers is partnering with the Marcy Lab School management team on a number of key deliverables, including:

    • Outcomes Dashboard — identifying, carefully defining, and setting targets for key outcomes and leading indicators
    • Financial Model — to monitor fundraising progress, create multiyear budget projections, and track key programmatic outcomes
    • Growth Planning – scenario construction and analysis around program expansion / extension
  • $92k

    in unrestricted funding from arbor brothers

“We couldn't be more proud and excited to be partnering with Arbor Brothers. From the inception of our organization, they have been exceptional coaches, advisors, and champions of our work.”

Reuben Ogbonna, Executive Director of The Marcy Lab School

See for yourself the difference that patient capital and thoughtful partnership can make.